Sed Quaere is a Latin term meaning to investigate further.
Sed Quaere, LP's practice works with medium to large enterprises, legal profession, political and non-profit organizations where accounting activities demand close scrutiny to prevent internal or external frauds. Our services range from providing an independent third-party verification of financial activities to full-service bookkeeping and accounting functions.

Backed by a team of fraud investigators, led by Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs), Sed Quaere often acts as an expert witness in legal disputes.

We are one of the few companies that possess both the accounting and IT skills necessary to efficiently perform forensics in today's world.

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Political Accounting

Much too often a typcial treasury service is provided without a sound internal control system to avoid fraud. We understand the effort that went behind raising your campaign funds and the need to safeguard your fruits of labor. At Sed Quaere, We can offer your committee third party accounting services to compliment your treasurer's functions. In essence what we offer is "checks and balances" for your campaign finance: a third-party verifiction of what came in and what went out. Our services in political accounting include:

  • Monthly reconciliation of bank account(s)
  • Contribution/Expenditure reconciliations against bank transactions
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports
  • Annual audit
  • Federal and State tax form preparation and review.
  • Internal control setup and/or review

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Treasury Service

The rules governing campaign finance change on a constant basis. It is Sed Quaere's job to stay current with these changing regulations and ensure that your committee's activities are in compliance and reported correctly and on time. Throughout the company's history, Sed Quaere has never had a material finding from audits by the FPPC, FEC or San Francisco Ethics Commission.

No matter what your needs are as a committee, Sed Quaere is equipped to handle them. In addition to required federal, local and state campaign finance reporting, Sed Quaere can also handle back office support such as bookkeeping, check disbursement, deposits, and online contributions.

  • Federal and California Disclosure Reporting
  • IRS 990 preparation and filing
  • Bookkeeping and payroll service

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Forensic Accounting

Our forensic accounting practice includes but is not limited to:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business valuations
  • Economic damage calculations
  • Court appointed receivership
  • Divorce asset allocation
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Trust related assistance
  • Litigation support
  • Investigative accounting

Whether it is criminal investigations, shareholder and partner disputes, personal injury claims, business interruption loss calculations, business or employee fraud investigations, matrimonial disputes, business economic losses, mediation, arbitration or professional negligence, forensic accounting should be used to assist with a fair and timely resolution.

Forensic accountants utilize investigative, accounting and auditing skills when performing an investigation. Sed Quaere has Certified Public Accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners with these critical skills. We possess the critical skills necessary to respond immediately and communicate effectively in a courtroom setting. Our staff is trained to look beyond the numbers and into the reality of each situation.

Our CPA's CFE's and IT personnel have extensive training in order to investigate and analyze financial evidence. We develop computerized applications to assist in the analysis ans presentation of financial evidence. In addition, we communicate our findings in the form of reports, exhibits and collections of documents. Finally, we assist in legal proceedings, including preparing visual aids to support trial evidence and testifying in court as expert witnesses.

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Sed Quaere, LP
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Los Angeles, CA 90025

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What's New

FPPC Semi-annual due July 31, 2015

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